May 4, 2012

1 Minute Book Review: Vessels by Andre Bagoo

Name of the book: Trick Vessels

Author: Andre Bagoo

Publisher: Shearsman Books

What's the book about? "Aptly titled are these poems: they are like vials without bottoms … held up, looked through, a universe can be discerned. They pour and continue to pour a mixture of guile and subterfuge, language that contradicts, and bargains for its own sanity, contents in volume denying the size of these trick vessels." — Mervyn Taylor

Why am I reading the book? Bagoo's juxtapositions usher the reader into Caribbean landscapes that are dreamlike and terrifying. Yet he controls the tone and scope so masterfully that the poems become experiences in themselves.

Quote from the book:
the strongest of bodies are dazed
beneath showers of diamond sprinkles
a thousand cold handcuffs
fall on black limbs
men clothed in blue
to mark them as 'lifers':
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