December 16, 2019

New Book: Too Black to Succeed: THE FIN$AC EXPERIENCE,

Marcus Garvey

In Too Black to Succeed: THE FIN$AC EXPERIENCE, Valerie C. Dixon combines her wisdom as a Garveyite and Jamaican entrepreneur to create a compelling narrative about the betrayal of Jamaican entrepreneurs by the Jamaican government during the 90s in the financial debacle known as FINSAC or the Financial Sector Adjustment Company. Blending memoir, testimonial, and historical analysis, Dixon outlines historical parallels of Jamaica in 1865 with events in the 1990s, which resulted in bankruptcy, suicide, and financial ruin of over 44,000 Jamaican entrepreneurs, and also the continuing frustration of black ambition due to discriminatory practices and colorism. By skilfully interweaving the teachings of Marcus Garvey, specifically the self-defeating/self-destructive mind-set of many Africans in the New World, which Garvey tried to overcome when he said, "We must emancipate ourselves from mental slavery," Too Black to Succeed, should serve as a cautionary tale about governmental betrayal and the limits of patriotism if it is not linked to a cohesive vision that transcends political tribalism.

About the Author

Valerie Dixon is wife, mother, teacher, counselor, mentor, entrepreneur, and writer among a myriad of other pursuits. Her background has provided her with the calling to speak for those who are unable to find their own expression. Empathetic and helpful, Mrs. Dixon has made it her life’s work to teach many to fish and even provide them with the rods, helping people in rural communities to experience financial mobility while contributing to improving their surroundings.

Endowed with strong opinions, love of justice, a keen ability to see beyond the obvious, and a brilliant sense of humor, Mrs. Dixon has written op-ed pieces for newspapers, has been a regular contributor since 2006 to “SELF-HELP NEWS–“Giving Voice to the Voiceless”, an on-line publication, whose head office is based in London, England. SELF-HELP NEWS–“Giving Voice to the Voiceless”, is an authoritative publication read widely across the world, by lay readers, academics, state and non-state actors, policy makers, international communicators, community leaders, and students, with a focus on community development and the sanctity of individual free will. This rich and diverse background experience has culminated in her latest venture, her first book, Too Black to Succeed-The FIN$AC Experience, for which, it seems, she was being prepared for all along.