May 17, 2017

Launch of Malachi Smith's "Wiseman"

Dub Poet

On May 18, 2017, Malachi Smith will celebrate the release of the seventh CD, Wiseman, at Jepa’s Place, 7153 W. Oakland Park Boulevard, Lauderhill, Florida.

The new CD is an extension of many of the concerns that have been part of Malachi's oeuvre for the past thirty years. From the nostalgic “Concrete Rose” to the topical “Brexit,” Malachi displays his talent for lyrical phrasings set to the riddims of reggae music.

Malachi also displays his characteristic sense of humor even when he is describing political turmoil in the United Kingdom in "Breakaway":

There is great weeping on the Thames
From Glasgow to the plains
The ghosts of Cromwell and Churchill in a fight
Since Great Expectations, what a Dickens' night

And, of course, there is also romance in "Sticky Situation":

Late in the evening enjoying the breeze
At a little bar by the side of the road
Threw down the stress and heavy load
Holt and Gregory coming through the speakers

A superbly engineered CD and with a team of veteran musicians, Wiseman reveals a dub poet at the height of his craft.