May 16, 2012

1 Minute Book Review:The Face of Water by Shara McCallum

Name of the book: The Face of Water

Author: Shara McCallum

Publisher: Peepal Tree Press 

What's the book about? "Shara McCallum has steadily created a rich body of poems that have mined the rich deposit of emotional and intellectual capital found in her background of multiple migrations, culturally and geographically. McCallum’s poems reflect her rooting in a Jamaican experience unique for her childhood in a Rastafarian home filled with reckless idealism, the potential for profound emotional pathology, and the grounding of old folks traditions. Her work has explored what it means to emerge from such a space and enter a new world of American landscapes and values."

Why am I reading the book? Shara McCallum always surprises me. Places that I've known or think I've known reenter my imagination through her poems with remarkable strangeness.

Quote from the book: 

For years, I flung salt
over my shoulder to shake

the old people's predictions:
All her life that gal going to suck salt.

From "The MadWoman in Middle Age"

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