August 31, 2016

"Myal Man" by Geoffrey Philp

Geoffrey Philp
Giving thanks this morning to sx salon for publishing my short story, "Myal Man," which explores one of the patakis surrounding Oshun, the orisha of love, joy, and creativity.

Here is an excerpt:

Sonia unscrewed the top of the jar and dipped her middle finger into the honey. She put her finger into her mouth and licked the sweetness off her fingertip.

“You want a taste?”

At first, Zeke wanted to resist, but he hadn’t tasted honey in a long time. Sonia dipped her index finger into the honey and beckoned.

Zeke walked over to Sonia and held her hand. He cautiously licked the honey on her fingertip. It was as sweet as he had remembered.

I hope you enjoy reading it.


Image of Oshun:

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