March 20, 2011

Dub Wise & Author Page Page Update

Reflecting the author’s signature qualities, this collection of poems displays an unabashed sense of humanity, considered political sensibility, capacity to treat domestic matters with deft lyrical power, and the constant and shaping presence of the mythos of reggae and third world spirituality. Illustrating the assurance of a poet fully in his stride, this anthology also demonstrates a sharply honed technical mastery, communicating a deepening consciousness of what it means to be in midlife. Utilizing the concepts of family, migration, home, and loss, this compilation establishes the metaphor of “Dub,” the great Jamaican musical invention that champions urbanity, the embrace of influence and history, improvisation, and above all, a commitment to the delight of the people. Expounding upon spiritual revelation and political engagement through the prism of Dub, this compendium sets a high standard within the genre of poetry.

Geoffrey Philp: Author page @ Amazon

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