March 17, 2011

Opportunity for ACTion

Opportunity for ACTion

On Monday, ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced it would "like your input on its proposed Policy for Resumed Removals to Haiti. This is not a final policy and is disseminated solely to collect feedback.” ICE has given people until this Friday, March 18 to email them all comments.

We object to the decision to deport Haitians. ICE's policy has already led to one death and the deportation of 27 Haitians into a humanitarian crisis. We also object to this incredibly short and non-transparent comment process that is occurring after the policy has already been implemented and after much harm has already been done.

Please take the following steps by this Friday:

1) Review the policy here 

2) Sign on to a response letter (view letter here) by emailing your name or organization's name to Rose by 3:30 p.m., Friday, March 18.

3) Email ICE your personal comments or a separate letter from your organization at Click here for Talking Points.

Attached please find a new Factsheet by University of Miami Immigration and Human Rights Clinics, the Center for Constitutional Rights, Florida Immigration Advocacy Center and Alternative Chance that details what the 27 Haitian detainees experienced once they arrived in Haiti.  No one else should be subjected to this horrific experience. Thanks for taking action now.

Opportunity for ACTion

Dear Friends:

We know how much you care about the fight to Save Service in America - and how much you have done already to help us in this effort.   

By Friday, we need you to take two minutes and help us MAKE THE CALL to our Senators and ask them to help us save service. We must raise our voices, jam the phone lines, and make sure they know how much this issue matters to us:

Here's what we need you to do right now:

1.     MAKE THE CALL: 1-855-US-SERVE. This line will connect you directly to your US Senator by simply entering your zip code, so it's the easiest way to reach out. You can also visit our website to get suggested talking points.

2.     TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Update your Facebook status, tweet about the experience, upload a video on our YouTube page, whatever you feel moved to do... but please tell your friends you made the call, and ask them to do the same!

Martin Luther King, Jr. said "everyone can be great, because everyone can serve." We want to serve, we want this country to be great - and we want Congress to know how much we care about AmeriCorps and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

You are a powerful voice for service--please MAKE THE CALL today!


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