March 6, 2011

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I still haven't recovered from the Caribbean Literary Studies conference in honor of Dr. Sandra Pouchet Paquet at the University of Miami on March 4, 20011. George Lamming, the keynote speaker, gave a remarkable lecture in which he outlined some of the major themes in Caribbean literature and expanded our understanding about the work of authors such as Nicolas Guillen, Édouard Glissant , Alejo Carpentier, and Derek Walcott. In the next few days, I will be giving a brief summary of his lecture and provide links.

I’ll also post of recap of “An Evening with the Authors” at Books and Books on March 3, 2011 and a follow-up to the review of Kamau Brathwaite’s Elegguas. To my surprise and delight, Kamau responded to the review and he has agreed to the publication of our online conversation as an “xtension of the dialogue.”

Finally, Dr. Pat Saunders and Dr. Andrea Shaw have initiated an effort to organize a virtual meet-up of the participants of the Caribbean Summer Writers’ Institute, which was hosted by the University of Miami English Department. The Institute was held for five weeks during the summer in Miami, Florida from 1991 through 1996. Each year the program arranged public readings and interviews at a variety of locations in Miami and was a fertile meeting space for many Caribbean authors listed here:

Alvarez, Celia
Antoni, Brian, 1959-
Antoni, Robert, 1958-
Baugh, Edward
Bethel-Bennett, Ian
Brathwaite, Kamau, 1930-
Castro, Adrian, 1967-
D'Aguiar, Fred, 1960-
Dabydeen, Cyril, 1945-
Dabydeen, David
Danticat, Edwidge, 1969-
Dash, J. Michael
Edgell, Zee
Frederick, Rawle
Freeman, Sharon
Goulbourne, Jean
Harmon, Juanita
Harrison, Faye
Hillhouse, Joanne C.
Hippolyte, Kendel
Horne, Naana Banyiwa
Hyppolite, Joanne, 1969-
Jack, Deborah
James, Cynthia
Johnson, Jacqueline, 1957-
Johnson, Nicola
Kristensen, Randi Gray
Lamming, George, 1927-
Manoo-Rahming, Lelawattee
Morisseau-Leroy, Felix, 1912-
Morris, Mervyn
Page, Kezia Ann
Persaud, Sasenarine
Philp, Geoffrey
Pollard, Velma
Quashie, Cin D
Senior, Olive
Smith, Malachi D. Sankey
Strachan, Ian G. (Ian Gregory), 1969-
Taitt, Marina
Weir-Soley, Donna

Stay tuned!

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-TAH said...

Looking forward to seeing your recap of the Lamming talk. I'm disappointed I had to miss it...

Thanks GP!