March 30, 2011

21 Days/ 21 Poems: National Poetry Month

I, too, like memes, Blah Blah Blog. So, for National Poetry Month, I’ve repurposed 25 Days/ 25 Poems to 21 Days/ 21 Poems: One poem per day with a short paragraph about why you picked it.

I’ve only posted 21 poems because I assume my readers are decent people who do not think poetry is life and will take a break over the weekends.

If you’d like to join, link back to this post (or leave a comment here) and I’ll try my best to pop over to your site.

Until then, enjoy National Poetry Month.


Update: 4/1/2011

I will also be broadening the scope of the blog for this month to include poets who were not lucky enough to be born in the Caribbean. But only for this month!

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