December 10, 2010

Children's Books About Caribbean Christmases!

 Silver Foil Tree by Brian Wong Won (Trinidad)

I had promised to do this in the first place, but this one is for a Sophia, a reader who come to my blog looking for images of African-Caribbean Christmases. Well, here they are Sophia-- children's books about Christmas in the Caribbean just in time for the holiday season! I can't say that there is anything particularly 'Afro-Caribbean' about these books. Although most of the characters in these books are indeed Afro-Caribbean, it seems to me that their ways of celebrating Christmas are pretty standard across different ethnic and cultural groups in the countries in which the stories are set. I'm speaking from observation though. I have never studied or seriously contemplated variations in how Christmas is celebrated the Caribbean. I only know what I have experienced growing up in Trinidad. Culturally, there is a standard 'Trinbagonian' way of 'doing Christmas' that most Trinbagonians share and participate in. The variations that I have observed have been with respect to religious traditions. So Christians in Trinidad and Tobago will do certain things that Hindus and Muslims won't do, like going to midnight mass for example. Yet, this sparks a new interest in me in finding out if there are other Caribbean ways of celebrating Christmas that I don't know of. In the meantime however, here are some children's books about Christmas in the Caribbean!

For more, please follow this link: Children's Books About Caribbean Christmases!


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