December 27, 2010

15 Miami Poets@ The International Literary Quarterly: Geoffrey Philp

Mangroves (B)
acrylic on canvas
48 inches x 36 inches
© Xavier Cortada

Sharing space with fellow comrades-in-word @ Interlitq:  Elisa Albo, Howard Camner, Adrian Castro, Denise Duhamel, Corey Ginsburg, Michael Hettich, Miriam Levine, Christopher Louvet, Jesse Millner, Barbra Nightingale, Laura Richardson, Alexis Sellas, Virgil Suárez, and Nick Vagnoni. The artwork was done by Miami-based artist, Xavier Cortada.

Here's the link:



Blogging said...

I like your blog. It looks stylish. keep it up.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Thanks, Blogging!