December 7, 2010

New Book: Caribbean Erotic ed. Opal Palmer Adisa and Donna Aza Weir-Soley

“The beauty of Caribbean Erotic is that it lifts the veils that curtain the many rooms of Caribbean sexuality; its genius is its skilful guidance through the lusty, bawdy, worshipful and spiritual wealth, as we lose our senses to find our selves.”
~Earl Lovelace

Caribbean Erotic is a revealing, wide-ranging and in-depth exploration of the many facets of the erotic in contemporary Caribbean literature. It includes poetry, short fiction and critical essays; work that celebrates desire, work that depicts realistically the psychology of, for instance, a woman whose desperate wish is that her abusive husband still desires her, and work that explores the role of fantasy in the erotic. Infidelity, self-respect, rape, self-love, lust and child-birth are other themes which are interpreted in the collection with honesty and insight. 
As an anthology, Caribbean Erotic is intended both to arouse pleasure and generate thought about what is, despite the touristic stereotypes, still a conflicted area of Caribbean literature and culture.


Opal Palmer Adisa . Apanaki . Marion Bethel . Jacqueline Bishop . K. Brisbane . Nicole Cage-Florentiny . Christian Campbell . Yolanda Rivera Castillo . Chandis . Colin Channer . LeRoy Clarke . Afua Cooper . Edwidge Danticat . Carole Boyce Davies . teenah edan . Marcia Douglas . Suzanne Dracius . Aurora Ferguson . Jose Angel Figueroa . Ken Forde . Glyne Griffith . Eunice Heath-Tate . Jacqueline Johnson . Anthony Joseph . Rosamond King . Helen Klonaris . Randi Gray Kristensen . Christine Yvette Lewis . Audre Lorde . Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming . Shara McCallum . Stacey Miller . Nancy Morejón . Courttia Newland . Angelique Nixon . Paula Obé . Geoffrey Philp . Michelle Remy . B. Alison Richards . Luis Pulido Ritter . Sandra García Rivera . Colin Robinson . Kim Robinson . María Soledad Rodríguez . Linda María Rodríguez Guglielmoni . Heather Russell . Joy Russell . Sajoya . José Sanjinés . Dorothea Smartt . Craig Smith . Malachi D. Smith . Obediah Michael Smith . Eintou Pearl Springer . Lucía M. Suárez . Imani M. Tafari-Ama . Cheryl Boyce Taylor . Omi J. Maya Taylor-Holmes . Hanétha Vété-Congolo . Donna Aza Weir-Soley . Marvin E. Williams . Tiphanie Yanique.
“Just as the Caribbean evokes the scent of the sea and the taste of ripe papaya, so too does Caribbean Erotic, offering readers a sensual treat for both the senses and the intellect.” 

~Mitzi Szereto, author of In Sleeping Beauty’s Bed: Erotic Fairy Tales

“What power. What grace. Here we find the body as landscape, the body as map and site of healing, opening, giving, taking, naming, renaming, and remaking. Here we find the language of the living body and the language of intimate desire ‘rubbing up’ to create this invaluable addition to the growing conversation about how we live, how we love, and how important it is that we remove the silence that shrouds the most intimate, most dear parts of our selves. Caribbean Erotic reminds us why we must never, as Adisa warns us, never again allow its existence to be taken for granted.”

~Samiya Bashir, author of Gospel: Poems & editor, Best Black Women’s Erotica 2

About Opal Palmer Adisa

Opal Palmer Adisa is a Jamaica-born, award-winning poet, educator and storyteller. Anthologised in over 100 publications, she is a regular performer of her work throughout the USA and presently lives in Oakland, California, when she is not traveling.


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