October 8, 2008

New Line of Books for Children: Island Fiction

Island Fiction
Macmillan Caribbean has introduced a new line of books for children, Island Fiction, and the first titles should be available in January 2009.

Here are a few of the titles:

Island Fiction

Series Editor: Joanne Johnson

Island Fiction: Legend of the Swan Children

Maureen Marks-Mendonca

On a quest which leads him from a sleepy village on the Caribbean Sea, through the rainforests of South America, to an island in a time without time, eleven-year-old Alex Springfeather faces a difficult choice: will he use his powers to fulfil the Legend of the Swan Children, or pursue the riddle that could save his mother’s life?

Island Fiction: The Chalice Project

Lisa Allen-Agostini

Ada and Evan thought they were two normal children, living with their father in Trinidad. But when they begin to look deeper into their father’s scientific experiments, they discover secrets beyond anything they had ever imagined. Who is their unknown mother? What is the mysterious potion their father is hiding? And what is The Chalice Project?

Island Fiction: Escape from Silk Cotton Forest

Francis C. Escayg

Under King Zar's sincere but timid rule, the Kingdom of Ierie is rife with corruption, on the brink of another war and in need of a true leader. Domino, a rebellious, young Goan who seeks to avenge his mother's death, stumbles into the role of Hero only to find an even greater destiny awaits him in The Silk Cotton Forest.

Island Fiction: Time Swimmer

Gerald Hausman

Riding the seas with an ancient story-telling sea turtle named Odysseus, Luke journeys across the Caribbean and plunges into a remarkable adventure through space and time. Righting wrongs and saving lives, Luke and Odysseus encounter spiders that are men and lizards that are gods, all mixed together in a pepperpot stew of fantastic spice that blends fiery history with delectable fantasy.

Island Fiction: Night of the Indigo

Michael Holgate

Marassa, a 15 year old Jamaican boy, is catapulted into a wondrous world of Natural Mysticism. His twin brother Wico is dying and no doctor on earth can save him. Guided by Kundo, the mystic warrior, Marassa transcends time and matter into an unknown dimension, a planet called Orunda. If he accepts his responsibility as a Marshal or "Warrior of Light" he can rescue his brother from the clutches of death. Can he over come all obstacles and prove that he is worthy of his title?

Island Fiction: Delroy in the Marog Kingdom

Helen Williams

“If you look into River Mumma’s eyes, something terrible going happen to you!” Too late, Delroy remembers his mother’s warning. Is drowning his fate or is something worse in store? Becoming a marog is only the beginning. The king of these unusual frogs has chosen Delroy to succeed him, but first he must retrieve the king’s magical stone from a venomous snake. Slogging through underground caves and tunnels, faced with insurmountable obstacles, Delroy is tempted to give up and wonders whether he will ever return to his former life.

For more information, contact Macmillan at caribbean@macmillan.com. Or here's a list local agents within the Caribbean:

Antigua: Best of Books (bestofbooks@yahoo.com)

Bahamas: Media Enterprises (info@bahamasmedia.com)

Barbados: Days Investments (enquiries@daysbookstore.com)

Dominica: Jays (jays@cwdom.dm)

Grenada: Grenada Teachers’ School Supplies (mahp48@hotmail.com)

Jamaica: Kingston Bookshop (info@kingstonbookshop.com)

St Kitts: Laws

St Lucia: Nato’s (nato@candw.lc)

St Vincent: Union of Teachers (svutccu@vincysurf.com)

Trinidad: RIK Services (rik@carib-link.net)



Nicolette Bethel said...

Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Best thing I've read all day! Damn it, why weren't these around when I was a kid? (I think that about all I had back then was "The White Witch of Rosehall" and a collection of Caribbean folktales my father bought me.)

Thankfully, I love children's fiction so I'm totally going to buy these. Nice release date too. If I order them through the local indie and the book buyer likes them, he can stock some for display in February.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Imani, where have you been!
Good to hear from you.
Yes, I am very excited about this, too!
More anon...

Jdid said...

Excellent! Its about time.