October 9, 2008

"Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?"

Joe DiMaggioI will never claim to understand the nuances of Americana, but the controversy surrounding Barack Obama's relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright and John McCain's use of the phrase "That one," has made me realize how much African-Americans and white Americans do not speak to each other and that the necessity for honest brokers is needed now more than ever.

For if the current mudslinging, which concentrates on personalities rather than ideas, continues, then whoever becomes POTUS will truly inherit these "divided states," with the possibility, if Obama wins, of some whites refusing to swear allegiance to an African-American president, or some African-Americans, if McCain wins, viewing the outcome as further evidence of racism. And if recent history is any indication of how me might behave, then we have the potential for all kinds of race wars and perhaps riots.

But "we don't need no more trouble," as Brother Bob would say. I've lived through riots in Kingston and Miami, and I do not want to live through another. Lives are lost too easily in moments of irrational behavior. And tears never brought anyone back from the dead.

There is a need for real patriotism on both sides and for the voices of rationality and impartiality to speak up. America used to have them--before she turned over her media t0 spin doctors, liars, and partisan pundits--to speak the truth to and about each other across the racial divide.



Jdid said...

it would help if the McCain campaign wasnt so negative. I mean what are blacks to think when McCain doesnt show Obama respect and when they keep harping on Rev Wright, Ayers etc and dont introduce ideas.

Our leaders and potential leaders should focus on the real issues.

And if Obama loses with the supposed lead that he has in the polls with 3 weeks left then I too shall cry racism.

ruthibel said...

We should help them focus on these reall issues by not buying into the sectism (is that a word?)

Too many people just pick up whatever frivolous accusations these leaders hurl around and regurgitate them like fact without a second thought (or any thought at all, for that matter). What happened to the public's civic responsibility to hold their leaders accountable? To make sure they stay focused or get the hell outta office?

And dont get me started on media that feeds this foolishness...

FSJL said...

I think Obama is playing it just about right. He's focusing on the issues, and attacking McCain principally on his complete vacuity on the issues.

Rethabile said...

Wise words in a potentially volatile period. We don't need no more trouble, indeed.