October 5, 2008

Book Review: "After-Image" by Dennis Scott

Dennis ScottFragano Ledgister has written a fair and objective review of After-Image by Dennis Scott that it seems that I could never bring myself to write.

In this time of waning book reviews of our artists and writers, Fragano, you have done a wonderful thing for our friend.

Blessings I-tinually,
What’s human about us is what we create, and it is what we create that endures. That’s the one lesson the poet teaches. Reading this selection of Dennis Scott’s last poems, made by his friend Mervyn Morris, and published seventeen years after Dennis’s death at fifty-three, that lesson is borne in with extraordinary force.

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FSJL said...

I just wanted to pay what little tribute I could to Dennis. That's all. Thanks for the kind words, Geoffrey.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Well you did a fine job, Fragano!
I made the time one Sunday evening to read After-Image (and now in spells)--it's on the desk beside my bed, but the review never came. I don't know why. (I'm having the same difficulty with Lorna Goodison's book).
So with linking to you page, I can salve my guilty conscience ;-)