October 21, 2008

Friendship Around the World Award

Friendship Award MemeJack Mandora, whose blog I admire, has passed this award along to me with the mandate of sharing it with friends whom I’ve met through blogging. I will add that they became my friends because of the remarkable content of their blogs.

So, here are my awardees:

Moving Back to Jamaica: Francis always provides useful information about what’s happening in Jamaica and his time management series is awesome!

Doan Mind Me: Jdid writes thoughtfully and many times humorously about life in Canada from a Caribbean perspective.

Jahworld: Pam Mordecai is a wonderful poet, fiction writer, and scholar.

Kyra Hicks: Kyra continues to teach me about the wide world of children’s books

Poéfrika: Click on Rethabile’s site some time, anytime and you’ll be rewarded.

Professor Zero: Just when you think you’ve figured her out, she’ll come from another angle and drop some wisdom on you.

Stanmore Hill: I don’t know how Fragano can keep up his pace of poetry and commentary.

MadBull: Not only has he become an online friend, but when he was in Miami. we met and it turns out we were from the same part of Kingston. Amazing!

Blogworld: Nicolette is not only a scholar and poet, but also someone who writes critically about the state of Caribbean life and letters.

Crafty Green Poet: Crafty writes with passion about the environment and gives me glimpses of Scotland that otherwise I’d have never encountered.

If you noticed a trend here, you’re right.

Now, fellow awardees, you all have a job to do. Tell me about your favorites



Jdid said...

thank you kindly sir

Geoffrey Philp said...

You are most welcome, Jdid. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

This is a major honor! My problem (again): some of my list wants to repeat yours.

Rethabile said...

Thanks very much. Your blog is da blog, and keeps us happily fed with sound and sense. I will try to pass this on.

Stephen A. Bess said...

Congrats to you as well, Geoffrey. Look at Rethabile with all of these awards. :) You guys are good blog friends. Actually, your friendship has moved pass cyberspace. Thanks.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Right now, Stephen, I'm looking at the photo you sent me of those plantains and I'm salivating.This has moved way beyond blog friendship.


PS Rethabile has a GREAT site, doesn't he!

Unknown said...

That is an impressive list. I know of some of the blog(gers) that you have listed ... however, I'm going to check out the rest today. Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts on these blogs with us...


clarabella said...

Hi Geoff:

Thanks Geoff. As you know, I'm inspired by your blog. I check it constantly, and always find a pearl.

FSJL said...

Thanks much, Geoffrey. I do have to note that the commentary is mostly John Maxwell's, not mine.

clarabella said...

Hi Geoff:

I wrote something here to say thanks and that I've been inspired by your blog, but it seems to have vanished. so, once more, many thanks and nuff respec.

FSJL said...

It has just occurred to me that, in spite of all tradition, you have chosen Jack Mandora.

Geoffrey Philp said...

yeah, the ironies continue..

Crafty Green Poet said...

oh dear i seem to have missed this one so far! Thanks for thinking of me and I'll pass it on in due course!