New Book: Wheels by Kwame Dawes

Name of the book: Wheels

Author: Kwame Dawes

Publisher: Peepal Tree Press 

What's the book about? "In Wheels, Kwame Dawes brings the lyric poem face to face with the politics, natural disasters, social upheavals and ideological complexity of the world in the first part of this century...these are poems seeking a way to understand the world." 

Why am I reading the book? Kwame Dawes, one of the Caribbean's leading writers, translates Ezekiel's vision of "wheels within wheels" to an Antillean reality.

Quote from the book: 

In the season of drought and hurricane
the stiff earth cracks and the spawned
eggs of mosquitoes burst into a plague
of coughs and side stitches.

From "Last Days"

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