Review of Who's Your Daddy? in The Gleaner

Who's Your Daddy?The first review of Who's Your Daddy?:And Other Stories has been published in The Gleaner: "Philp is Funny and Fearless."

Criss-crossing the Atlantic Ocean, Philp spins tales of teenage homophobia, infidelity, religious hypocrisy, betrayal, impending death, father/son relationships, vengeance, egomania and greed in this 161-page paperback, his second collection of stories.

Philp writes without fear or favour. He tells his stories with honesty, throwing away the pen of pretentiousness to weave simple, but poignant plots with a down-to-earth style, which is refreshing. No apology is in order for graphic phrases and words that the stories are replete with

Here's the link to The Gleaner: Philp is Funny and Fearless.


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