July 30, 2009

Garry Steckles @ Caribbean Beat: Censorship & Caribbean Music

Caribbean BeatIn the July/August issue of Caribbean Beat, Garry Steckles, author of Bob Marley: A Life, writes about music censorship, dancehall, violence and “suggestive lyrics”:

Like many music fans, I’ve got little time for censorship, and many of the artists I’ve admired most over the years have used their gifts to stir things up socially and politically. Fela Kuti, David Rudder, Culture, the Clash, Alpha Blondy, Mutabaruka, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Linton Kwesi Johnson and Bob Dylan, to name just a few, have never hesitated to confront injustice, and their lyrics have often encouraged their listeners to stand up against evil in whatever manifestation it crops up...or, as Marley so memorably put it, “spiritual wickedness in high and low places."

To read more of this article, please follow this link: Caribbean Beat: July/August 2009 (Issue 98)

Photo Credit: Caribbean Beat: July/August 2009 (Issue 98)
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