September 22, 2010


C.L.R. James
. . . it is appalling to learn that the C.L.R. James Library in Hackney (a borough of London) is going to be renamed the Dalston Library and Archives, after the neighborhood in which it is located. James was there when the library was christened in his honour in 1985. The authorities insist that, in spite of the proposed change, they will continue to honour James. But this seems half-hearted and unsatisfying . . .
— Scott McLemee on the campaign to stop the renaming of the C.L.R. James Library in London. He includes a link to an online petition, which your Antilles blogger has already signed. 

I have also signed the online petition.



The Arrivants through Trench Town Rock to Born to Slow Horses, Kamau Brathwaite has lamented that we live in an "Age of Dis": "By now the Age of Dis. Distress Dispair & Disrespect. Distrust Disrupt Distruction."


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