September 23, 2010

Googling for Natives @ Horror Unlimited: Cuban Horror Films

"Furthermore, since horror is essentially, at its core, the relation between one and a perilous and often transmogrified other, the only other that is deemed worthy of discussion in Cuba is the capitalist imperialism of the United States. The yanquís, the Castro government’s demonic appellation for the inhabitants of the country ninety miles west of Cuba, are the lone evil in the Cuban psyche. Since billboards about them are already everywhere on the island, making a film about their sinister intentions seems an utterly redundant act."

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About the Author:

Rafael Miguel Montes is a Cultural Studies professor in the Department of English at St. Thomas University in Miami, FL. He is the author of the book-length study Making Places: Generational Traumas in Contemporary Cuban-American Literature. His academic work has often attempted to dissect the correlation between popular culture and Caribbean cinema and literature. Working in the fields of memory studies, oral history, videogame studies, fashion history and horror, he brings together disparate avenues of interrogation in order to better understand Cuba and the Caribbean outside of the usual contexts of history and literature.

Juan of the Dead:
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