September 8, 2010

An Ode to Glenn Beck

That ole time religion is good enough for me:

Back when the universe was like a three-layered cake,

And anything white men wanted, they could always take.

We could rob, rape and plunder with impunity

Then, be knighted for murder like Sir Francis Drake.

That ole time religion is good enough for me,

When only dead Negroes hung from my family tree.

And if they talked back, you could visit 'em at their wake—

Just remembering those days, my old bones begin to ache.

That ole time religion is good enough for me.



Anonymous said...

Did you really pay credence to glen beck? I got this poem from a friends Facebook and I must say I am shocked you post this... Never heard of you before but after this poem, I will pretend I never did...

Rethabile said...

This is an ode to Beck. The speaker in this case is the big man himself. What is there to like or not to like?

Phil Rice said...


You are indeed plugged into the eternal cosmos, a poet of the generations before and since. Thank you for this poem.

Louise said...

This poem gave me chills. I used to sing that song (Gimme that ole time religion) and like the energy of it, but it has a whole different feel now. Unfortunately, too many names could appear where G.B.'s name is in the title. Masterful, Bro Geo.

FSJL said...

Nicely done, Geoff.

Geoffrey Philp said...

@Fragano: Wouldn't have been possible without your lead.
@Ret and Phil: Give thanks for the kind words.
@ Louise: I was also thinking of Joseph Campbell's version that he did with Bill Moyers
Thank you for tuning in.