March 13, 2009

New Book: "Liquid Lunch " by Stephen Bess

Stephen Bess
Stephen Bess is now a published author. Stop by his blog and BUY a copy of Liquid Lunch.
Liquid Lunch has arrived! I was smiling ear to ear when UPS showed up with my chapbooks. I felt like a proud Papa; I am a proud Papa! Well, if you wish to purchase just look to your right. There is a "Buy Now" button to click. It's easy and safe to use. If you don't have a credit or debit card, send me an email (for email address just click profile button). I guarantee excellent customer service. Meanwhile, please tell a friend or family member. We gotta move these chapbooks! Thanks for all of your support. *Big Smile*

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Stephen A. Bess said...

Thanks, Geoffrey. I have one on the way to you.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Wow! Thanks, Stephen!