March 25, 2009

Derek Walcott's Square

Derek Walcott's Square, St. Lucia
So poetry made this happen--take that, W. H. Auden!
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In the heart of the town of Castries, there is a small square with a long history dating back to the 18th century. It used to be the Place d’Armes when the island was under French control. In January 1893, it was rechristened Columbus Square in honor of the discoverer who never set foot on the island. One hundred years later—to the date-it was renamed to honor Derek Walcott’s 1992 Nobel Prize for literature. It has become, to judge by the number of cruise ship passengers that flock there every day, the second most popular tourist attraction in St. Lucia (after the duty-free shops).

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Photo: Repeating Islands Blog.

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