March 10, 2009

100 Free Lectures That Will Make You a Better Writer

This is one that I recommend:
Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Marquez speaks about Latin America, the persistence of life over death, and the role of the writer in promoting the creation of hope.

Being a writer means you constantly evolve and grow in your writing knowledge. One way to aid in this evolution to becoming a better writer is by learning from what others have to offer. The following lectures cover a wide range of fields including literature, speeches from current writers, lectures from Nobel Laureates in literature, lectures about fiction, non-fiction, poetry, journalism, and even entire classes on writing.

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Rethabile said...

Thank you. This is rich. I will be enjoying the videos and poetry readings for a long time to come.

I thought of you and Pam yesterday because I was reading a poster in Lesotho and in Sesotho against AIDS. It took the idea of 1Love and used it to instigate people to have one love, not many. Yet another useful ramification.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Rethabile,Bob's influence continues to amaze me.
It's an interesting offshoot of a very important idea.
Simple as it is, it's something that I will think about.