March 28, 2009

Calabash is back on!

Update: March 28, 2009---Calabash is back on!

From Justine Henzell:

Miracles happen. At Calabash we’ve always known this to be true. At the first Calabash in 2001, a flock of yellow butterflies hovered like a mist over the festival tent on the first day. They stayed with us until the final day, when they disappeared. What could that have been but a miracle?

On Friday, March 27, we experienced our most recent miracle.

Due to an amazing outpouring of sadness, disappointment, and disbelief from all around the world the government of Jamaica has restored our funding for 2009.

In addition to the restored allocation from the government we’ve received a hefty three-year grant from a philanthropic agency. Our present and future are secure.


I'd like to think that the readers of this blog had a part to play in the restoration of Calabash and to thank all who left comments and were willing to step out and take a stand. It took courage to do this.

Again, thank you!



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Rolin Oliver said...

Great news!!! Congrats to all involved in helping to make this happen!!