September 25, 2008

The Caribbean Review of Books: August 2008

The Caribbean Review of BooksYesterday evening I got my anxious hands on the latest copy of The Caribbean Review of Books which I began reading immediately.

Here are a few highlights from August 2008 issue:

Marcus Garvey

Hail to the Chief

Jeremy Taylor on Negro with a Hat: The Rise and Fall of Marcus Garvey, by Colin Grant

Olive Senior

What Lies Within

Lisa Allen-Agostini on Shell, by Olive Senior

Lorna Goodison

I Know the Language is True

Lorna Goodison talks to Nicholas Laughlin about writing her family memoir From Harvey River

My reading lasted way into the night—hence the brevity of this post. Even the marginalia was great!


Source of photos: The Caribbean Review of Books


Nicholas Laughlin said...

Hi, Geoffrey--thanks so much, as always, for mentioning the CRB on your blog. Very glad to hear you enjoyed the August issue.


Geoffrey Philp said...

Nicholas, it was a well put together issue. And I didn't even metion Kei Miller's piece!