September 16, 2008

Help for Haiti

After the devastation in Haiti, we are all pulling together to help.

Miami Dade College, where I work, is also assisting in these efforts:

In cooperation with the City of Miami and other community partners, MDC is participating in a community-wide effort to bring relief to the Caribbean nations hit by the storms, including Haiti and Cuba.

Beginning on Monday, Sept. 15, through Friday, Sept. 19, MDC will collect nonperishable food, baby supplies and new or used clothing in good condition at the drop-off points listed below. Food items may include powdered milk, peanut butter and canned goods. "

One day, when true democracy reigns in the republic where "the modern world was invented," the damage caused by deforestation, perhaps, will be lessened.

After the island was hit by four successive and powerful storms (Fay, Gustav, Hanna and Ike), several humanitarian organisations – including the United Nations, World Food Programme, World Health Organization, Red Cross, Pan-American Health Organization, Oxfam and others – have launched an appeal for funding to support relief efforts in Haiti.

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