April 28, 2006

Three New Poems in Asili

The latest copy of the journal, Asili, is now online, and they’ve published three of my poems: http://asilithejournal.com/ASILI/VOLUMES/Vol%20VI-2/Vol%20VI-2.htm

Asili also features new poetry and fiction from:

  1. Adam David Miller

  2. Rebecca "Butterfly" Vaughns

  3. Preston Allen

  4. Max Pierre

  5. Opal Palmer Adisa

  6. Leslie Biaggi

  7. Michael Hettich

  8. Eunice Tate

  9. Fred Wolven

  10. Akwasi Agyeman

  11. Adrian Castro

  12. Reginald Lockett

  13. Joseph McNair

  14. Quincy Troupe

  15. Eugene B. Redmond

  16. Al Young

  17. Henry Dumas

  18. Joanne Hyppolyte

  19. CM Clark

  20. John Hatch
Check out too this link: Asili Celebrates Black Writers From 1711 to the Present Go to Wall of Respect.

The journal is edited by Joseph McNair.

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