April 21, 2006

The Tony Soprano Leadership Method for WORLD Domination

Over the past three years, I have been attending various leadership conferences, and the conveners usually offer cute acronyms for leadership. I don’t buy any of them. The best method for leadership that I’ve seen is on The Sopranos, from which I’ve devised Tony Soprano Method for WORLD Domination © (Legal Disclaimer below*)

Tony Soprano Method for WORLD Domination ©

Whack your competition: Rule #1
Oversee all your underlings, yet give them freedom to be creative. If they stray, apply Rule #1.
Respect the difference between family and business, but always remember Rule #1.
Locate and confide with at one person you can trust—even if you have to pay for it. If they betray the trust apply Rule #1.
Demand loyalty and instill fear in underlings. If they betray the family or business, apply Rule #1.

This looks like US foreign policy, doesn’t it? Everything boils down to Rule#1.
In the next few weeks, (I wouldn’t be a good storyteller if I didn’t add suspense—See Benjamin, My Son) I will offer the Rasta method for VITAL Livity©.

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