April 5, 2006

Not Exactly Art, but...

We were billed as Football Titans in Miramar (Little Kingston), but we looked more the Red Stripe All Stars when Jamaica College Alumni and the George's College Alumni battled (talk about hyperbole) at Silver Shores Park on April 1, 2006. Although the reunion served its purpose in honoring the legacy of Dennis Ziadie, (St. George’s alumnus and coach of legendary JC football teams) it also reunited old friends and teammates, and was a lot of fun--it would have been more fun if we had won.

Some of the former cheerleaders from St. Andrew’s, Alpha Academy, and Immaculate Conception High School (I Can’t Have Sex) livened up the afternoon by cheering from the bleachers. One young lady (she will always be young and always a lady) said watching me play was like watching “poetry in motion”. (Ah, those Catholic girls. God bless their hearts—and everywhere else.) Still, I don’t know what she meant. I only played for ten minutes. (Watch it!)

It was a great afternoon and it was good to see Johnny Chang, Slick Lawson, Nix, Jimmy Sinclair, Steve-o, Woody, and all the idren (give thanks to Xavier Murphy of Jamaicans.com and JC alumnus for the picture) who used to kick ball at JC and Mona. We may be losing our hair and gaining bellies, but it’s all good.

The two great things that going to JC taught us were camaraderie and loyalty, and though we have all taken different paths and lived in different places and spaces, we remain true ballers.

Fervet Opus in Campis!

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