Serialized Novel @ The Daily Gleaner: Bad Girls in School

Interesting news! Hot off the press news? I was delighted to see in The Gleaner magazine, Youthlink, the beginning of a story: Fly Guy, chapter 1. "Space for a Kite", by Gwyneth Harold. I had mentioned Gwyneth Harold's book, Bad Girls in School (Heinemann) in a previous blog when I was discussing young adult books that are now dealing with the present day reality for many of our youth in schools. And I really do applaud her for taking on that topic, and Heinemann for publishing the book. So I am very pleased to see her writing what would appear to be a novel for this young adult target audience, which will be serialised in that newspaper. I don't know anything more about it. I just saw it and thought I'd share it with you. I will try and get in touch with Gwyneth just to make sure that I haven't got the premise wrong. So if any of you are in contact with her, or anyone tells you about this blog, Gwyneth, please contact me at
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