February 29, 2012

February Roundup: The Top 20 Posts

February has been a busy month ! I've had approximately 79, 029 page views--10,000 more than January's totals. I have no doubt that the increase had to do with Black History Month celebrations in the US, but I will always welcome new readers no matter how they find the site.
Here are the Top 20 Visited Pages for February 2012:
What Can Bob Marley Teach Bloggers?
The Meaning(s) of Bob Marley's Songs
"Epitaph" by Dennis Scott: An Appreciation
New E-Book: Bob Marley: Memories of Jah People By Emmanuel Parata
A Fable of Freedom: "I Shot the Sheriff"
Bob Marley and the Seven Chakras
Call for Papers: The Caribbean Poetry Project
Black History Month @ MDC, North Campus
Marcus Garvey's Influence
Shoot the Sheriff: How to Overcome Writer's Block
Happy Birthday, Marcus Garvey (2010)
Exonerate Marcus Garvey: Petition on the White House Site
A Rubric for Poetry?
About Geoffrey Philp's Blog Spot
Dub Poetry: A Primer
"Colonial Girls School" by Olive Senior: An Appreciation
"Little Boy Crying" by Mervyn Morris: An Appreciation
Voices of Haiti: A Post-Quake Odyssey in Verse
Dust (For Kwame Dawes)
The Top Ten Things Every Writer Should Know
And the Top 20 Search Terms and the corresponding landing page:
Bob Marley: "Happy Birthday, Brother Bob"
Marcus Garvey: "Marcus Garvey's Christmas Message, 1921"
Black History Month : "Black History Month in Jamaica"
Dennis Scott: "'A Biography' by Dennis Scott"
Rastafari: "The Future of Rastafari"
Valentine's Day Poems: "Valentine's Day 2008"
Famous Black Women; "Black History Month @ MDC, North Campus"
Emancipation; "Happy Emancipation Day"
Middle Passage: "Annual Sunrise Ancestral Remembrance of the Middle Passage Ceremony"
Derek Walcott : "Derek Walcott Wins TS Eliot Prize"
Esther Anderson; "Bob Marley: The Making of a Legend"
Anancy: "Marcus and the Amazons @ Anancy Festival"
Geoffrey Philp : "'La Sirene' by Geoffrey Philp"
House Slaves: "House Slaves, Field Slaves & Dead Slaves"
Malachi Smith : "New CD: Hail to Jamaica by Malachi Smith"
Caribbean women: "Caribbean Authors @ Miami Book Fair International 2011"
Junot Diaz: "Junot Diaz Wins Pulitzer Prize for Fiction"
Louise Bennett; "Miss Lou Reading Festival Celebrates Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary"
Women's History Month: "Six Female Poets for Women's History Month @ MDC"
Oneness: "Celebrating the Global Oneness of Life"
With the changes that I made to the template, I have not been able to link to the archives and some of the posts that I enjoyed writing, but don't seem to be as popular as I thought they would have been. But it seems as if readers are landing on the referenced landing page and then, finding other pages by clicking on the labels or following the links under "You May Also Like."

Ah, well. Enjoy!


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