February 8, 2012

Maddie’s Story: The Power of Social Media

We’ve all heard about how protestors in Tahrir Square and in the Occupy movement have used social media as a tool to achieve their goals. And some of us might have concluded, “That’s great for big political causes that excite others, but that doesn’t affect me at all. Social media can never be used in my small circle.” But you would be underestimating yourself and the power of social media.

Recently, my daughter was brought face to face with animal cruelty. She posted her experience on Facebook and shared it with her family and friends.

“Hello, Facebook! Sending out feelers: we need someone who is willing to foster the dog we found yesterday at my school. Her medicine would be taken care of, but I need someone with the space and most importantly, time, to help get this girl back to full speed.” 
28 January at 19:40

Then, she did a Google search for  American Bulldog Rescue, Florida Chapter. In between posts, she cared for Maddie’s ailments:

Calling yourself an animal lover during the daytime is sweet and all. But, at three in the morning, it's money where your mouth is time, LOL

29 January at 03:37 via Mobile ·

Maddie’s Story soon circulated around the net and was picked up by our ABC affiliate:

WPLG Local 10
Just received this from a Local10 viewer. Incredible case of animal cruelty.

I work at an elementary school in North Miami and yesterday, I and a few other teachers happened across a dog that we suspect someone was trying to hang from the fence. I ended up in primary care of her and took her to the vet.

They’ve told me in very simple terms that she has a very bad case of demodectic mange and probably be put down upon admittance at any shelter.

The money isn't that huge of a barrier, as I, and two of the other teachers will be pooling to pay for treatment for her, but none of us (myself included) have the time or the space to foster her for the time it would take for her to be back at 100% (three weeks).

Even if she weren't an incredibly sweet animal, I would struggle with just taking her to a shelter, and was wondering if anyone on the site could help.

Thanks for reading, and even if the answer is no, I appreciate your time in responding with any haste you can spare. :)

30 January

The post on the WPLG Facebook had 80 shares and 32 LIKES, and that’s not counting the shares of her friends and family. My daughter became so attached to Maddie, she worried that if she took the dog to a local shelter, the dog would be euthanized. 

Then, the miraculous happened:

MADDIE'S GOT A HOME!!! Details to come.
30 January at 16:01

Which was quickly followed by:

So, here's the story:

On Friday, I had e-mailed the American Bulldog Rescue Chapter in Florida and waited Saturday and Sunday for a response. Today, they not only contacted me, but also contacted a local news station who put the pup's story up on their Facebook.

I didn't get one, or two, but a couple DOZEN e-mails from people who wanted to help, even just by sharing the story with friends.

But the best part of the story is that the pup got placed! She will be going out (hopefully soon) to Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Wellington where she will be rehabbed and then placed in a forever home.

Thank you so much to everyone who commented, liked and texted me about the situation. Her situation was a sad one, but tonight, it's infinitely better, thanks to you. ♥

30 January at 18:59
On Tuesday, she took Maddie to Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Wellington. Maddie and my daughter lived happily ever after.

Still think you’re powerless? Find your passion and share it on the web. You are not alone.

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