February 1, 2012

Marcus and the Amazons @ Opa Locka Branch Library

I had a fANTastic day with students at the Opa Locka Branch Library when I read from Marcus and the Amazons as a part of the Miami-Dade Public Library System's Black History Month program.

We talked about "Letter from Birmingham Jail" and how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. changed America. The students were very interested in the parallels between the Civil Rights Movement and the signs that are described in the third chapter: "AMAZONS ONLY."

We also talked about ant colonies and the science behind the writing of Marcus and the Amazons. They were surprised that there are over one quadrillion ants on the planet.

I was very pleased with the boys and how they participated in the reading.They were really interested in how Marcus was going to free his colony without fighting. They were also thrilled to discover that honeydew, an ant delicacy, was aphid poop.

In the end, we closed with a song, "High Hopes,"  about a little ant that has BIG dreams:
Just what makes that little old ant 
Think he'll move that rubber tree plant 
Anyone knows an ant, can't 
Move a rubber tree plant 
But he's got high hopes 
He's got high hopes 
He's got high apple pie 
In the sky hopes. 
So any time you're feelin' low 
stead of lettin' go 
Just remember that ant
Oops there goes another rubber tree plant 
Oops there goes another rubber tree plant.

Give thanks to Ms. King-Kee, Ms. Kearse, and Laniot Alexandre of the Opa Locka Branch Library and Ms. Clarke and Ms. Walters from Grace Academy. Without your help, the day would not have been a success.

My next stop for Marcus and the Amazons is Emerson Elementary. See you soon!

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