August 17, 2011

Interview With Washington Informer: Marcus Garvey

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Why is Garvey important?" Philp asked. "(Caribbean author George) Lamming once said until people in the Caribbean and Americas recognize the contributions of Haiti, we will never be free of the effects of colonial and neo-colonialism. In the same way, New World Africans and Africans on the continent will not be free until we honor and recognize Garvey for setting our minds free."
Philp said Garvey, who was an icon for his generation and generations since, spent his life working towards an intellectual and spiritual freedom for black people. Philp used a screenwriting analogy to describe Garvey.
"In 'Reading the Way of the Screenwriter', the author says that on Page One of the story you're telling, the hero is under a spell, doesn't know he is under the spell, and the story moves the heroine from waking up from that spell," Philp said. "The break in the spell happens at the climax and the hero recognizes who he is and walks towards life or death.

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