August 26, 2011

Marcus Garvey is Just Another Dead Negro

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Marcus Garvey is just another dead negro
So why waste money to dig up his case.
Will it feed hungry children or improve the race?
Forget all those painful stories from long ago
Why resurrect a past that we should erase?

Marcus Garvey is just another dead negro
If we pardoned him what would we have to show
Except a picture of a black man's thick lipped face,
Why tell these stories that bring only disgrace?
Marcus Garvey is just another dead negro.

The Sunday Observer has acquired a copy of one letter sent by Parker to the US President, and the first ever reply from the White House on the matter .
"Marcus Mosiah Garvey is also a National Hero of Jamaica, West Indies and a leading forebear of the African American civil rights experience," wrote Parker.
"It is full time that this extraordinary human being of humble beginnings and strong moral character be pardoned by the pen of an American president. It would be fitting if both you, Mr President, and the first lady visit Jamaica for the purposes of signing the executive order pardoning Marcus Mosiah Garvey."
In a tersely worded reply to Parker's request, White House Pardon Attorney, Ronald Rodgers said such a move would be a waste of time and resources since Garvey had been dead for ages.


Exonerate Marcus Garvey

To be delivered to President Barack Obama


Mad Bull said...

Hi Geoffrey. Long time no chat to.... Anyway, at the risk of pissing off some people, I m going to give my i=opinion on this.

We (the Jamaican people and perhaps the people of the Caribbean) feel Marcus Garvey is a great man. Why do we care what America thinks? If they pardon him, how will it change our perception of him? Is it that we need their approval in order to validate how we see him? I think not! We know what we know already! I say EFF them and their pardon and lets move on.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Mad Bull, I agree with you 100 %. I am not seeking America's approval. Marcus's message is for the world and I think by bringing Marcus and his message, which I think Sizzla put it best, "Every man haffi find him own vine and fig tree," will help everyone in their search for self-identity and self-reliance.