June 10, 2011

My new e-book, Marcus and the Amazons, is on Sale!

My new children's e-book, Marcus and the Amazons, is now on sale @ Amazons (of course).

Here's the synopsis:

After traveling through the forest, Marcus returns to his home and discovers that Amazons have enslaved his colony and imprisoned Princess Amy, his bride-to-be. With the help of his friends from the forest, Marcus must save Princess Amy and rally his colony to stand against the Amazons. But during his stay in the forest, Marcus has also renounced violence. Will Marcus succeed? 

I've never had a reaction to any of my books like this before. I've just been opening and closing and opening it  (smiling all the while) again on my phone, on my computer, and on my iPad. I'm feeling like when I had my first poem published in The Gleaner, when Morris Cargill was a bwai.

Is like Chrismus inna June.

The official launch is tomorrow at the Anancy Festival, but since the book went live a few hours ago, I figured I better get a move on with the publicity.

Not that I don't have "official" press releases ready. I do. But I've just been giggling like I was in primary school ever since I got the e-mail from Amazon.

I don't have the PR machinery of a publisher behind me, so I'm going to depend on my Facebook friends and regular readers of this blog to help with getting the word out.

So share this on Facebook, Tweet all your peeps.

Marcus and the Amazons is a nice, nice little story and for $2.99, you can't go wrong.

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