June 12, 2011

Father and "Sons" Publish Children's e-book, Marcus and the Amazons

 (L.to R.) Andrew Philp, Geoffrey Philp, and Patrick Pollack

Miami, June 12, 2011 – Award winning Jamaican writer, Geoffrey Philp, and his "sons," Andrew Philp and Patrick Pollack, have published a children's e-book, Marcus andthe Amazons. Livcated to Kamau Brathwaite, who was Philp's mentor at the Unversity of Miami's Caribbean Summer Writers' Institute, the e-book has been published just in time for Father's Day.

"I couldn't draw to save my life," said Philp. "I'd never written an e-book before, but with Andrew's help with formatting the text and Patrick's with drawing the characters, I think we've created something special."

Patrick Pollack, a naturally reticent young man who bears a striking resemblance to reggae icon, Bob Marley, agreed. "I'd never used a tablet before or created in a virtual medium," he said. "But when Pops—that's what I call Andrew's dad—told me he needed the illustrations in less than two months, I panicked. But with Andrew's help, Marcus looks awesome."

"My dad wrote the story and we did the rest," said Andrew proudly. "Patrick, who has been like a brother to me, created amazing illustrations, so it was easy for me to work with them in Adobe. I also helped my dad with the formatting of the text because he's kind of old fashioned."

Marcusand the Amazons is about a courageous ant who saves his colony from an evil tyrant without resorting to violence or warfare.

"This is the first time I've worked with Andrew and Patrick in this capacity," Philp confessed. "I've watched them from the time they were boys shooting hoops in our driveway to now creating an e-book with them. They've grown up into fine young men."

Marcusand the Amazons may be purchased online at Smashwords and Amazon and is available on all major mobile platforms including Android, Blackberry, and iPhone apps.


Geoffrey Philp, an award winning Jamaican poet and fiction writer, teaches English at Miami Dade College, where he also chairs the College Preparatory Department. A critically acclaimed author, Philp's work has appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, including the Oxford Book of Caribbean Short Stories and the Oxford Book of Caribbean Verse. He maintains a blog at http://geoffreyphilp.blogspot.com/

Andrew Philp is a graduate of Dr. Michael Krop Senior High. He is a film and computer science major at Miami Dade College

Patrick Pollack is a senior at Dr. Michael Krop High School. In the fall of 2011, he will be attending Miami Dade College to major in art. A prolific cartoonist, Marcus and the Amazons is the first project that Patrick has worked on as an illustrator.

Contact: Geoffrey Philp, 786-556-7192, MabrakBooks [at] gmail.com

Marcus and the Amazons is on sale at Amazons (of course)  http://amzn.to/lb262m

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