April 17, 2011

The Guyana Cultural Association of New York Awards: Call for Nominations

The Guyana Cultural Association of New York Awards
Call for Nominations

Guyana Cultural Association of New York celebrates its 10-year anniversary in 2011. The anniversary theme is “Aal bady – waan bady” to acknowledge Guyana’s cosmopolitan heritage and the emergence of a common culture.  Our annual Awards Ceremony on August 31st, 2011 will mark the occasion.  Nominations for awards are now open until May 14, 2011.

Since 2001 the Guyana Cultural Association of New York has been the leader in recognizing those who have inspired us. This year’s awards ceremony on August 31, 2011, is in Brooklyn, New York. We will acclaim creators and enablers of various features of our culture where all of us are one people - Aal bady, waan bady.  

Award Categories

Our awards celebrate outstanding contributors in the following categories:

  • Guyana Cultural Association Award
  • Guyana Cultural Association Award - Youth
  • Guyana Cultural Association Exemplary Award
  • Guyana Cultural Association Lifetime Achievement Award

What We Do - Nominations Are Open April 14th to May 14th 2011

Request nominations from anyone or entity and assess the submissions that are complete and on time. 
Nomination can be submitted for a person or an entity whose work fits within the theme – Aal bady, Waan Bady

Youth nominations must detail the academic and extracurricular accomplishments that position the nominee above the average in his or her area of scholastic and cultural activities.

The nominations form is here:


More information on the 2011 Awards and the Folk Festival events are available at www.guyfolkfest.org or you may contact the GCA Cultural Director, Claire Goring.    

Ronald H. Lammy
Co-Chair, Guyana Cultural Association Awards Committee 

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