Guyana Prize for Literature Caribbean Award


The Guyana Prize for Literature was established in 1987

• To provide encouragement for the development of good creative writing among Guyanese in particular and Caribbean writers in general.

During the Awards Presentation on the Twentieth Anniversary of the Prize it was declared that after contributing to the advancement of the literature through the recognition of Guyanese writers, the pledge to Caribbean writing should now be honoured in a specific and direct way. This need was further felt since there was still no literary prize offered within the region for Caribbean literature.

The pledge became a reality when it was announced in Georgetown on November 2, 2010, that the Government of Guyana had provided funds to the Management Committee of the Guyana Prize for the first Guyana Prize for Literature Caribbean Award, starting with the Prize for 2010.

There will be three Awards in the categories of Fiction, Poetry and Drama, with a prize of US$ 5,000 for the winner in each category.


The Prize is for published books and is open to works by citizens of Caribbean countries : Caricom States, the Commonwealth Caribbean, the Netherland Antilles.

To be eligible for entry, a book must have been

• originally written and published in English

• published in the calendar years 2009/2010; i.e. between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010;

for Drama, entries must

• be full-length plays, first published/performed between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010.

Each publisher may enter a maximum of 5 works in each category.

No more than one work by any author may be entered in each category.

It is the responsibility of the publisher to verify the nationality of the authors where necessary

Entries should be submitted to

The Management Committee

Guyana Prize for Literature Caribbean Award

School of Education and Humanities

University of Guyana

P.O. Box 101110 Georgetown, Guyana

Closing date for entries is February 28, 2011.

Entries must be accompanied by a separate sheet with the following information for each author

• name, date and place of birth, citizenship

• address, telephone number, Fax number, e-mail address

• title of work

• date and place of publication

• date(s) and place of performance or publication for plays

• brief bio-sketch/career resume of author

• photograph of author

Four copies of each entry must be submitted

Winners in the three categories will be decided by a Jury of eminent persons in the field. A shortlist of finalists will be announced approximately one month before the Awards Ceremony, and may be used as a part of promotion for the Prize.

The winners, as a condition of entry, are expected to attend the Prize Awards Ceremony to be held in Georgetown, Guyana in May, 2011, on a date to be announced, and should also be prepared to give public reading(s) from their works as organised by the Guyana Prize Management Committee. Airline tickets and expenses for the visit to Georgetown will be provided where necessary.

Al Creighton

Secretary, Management Committee
The Guyana Prize for Literature

University of Guyana

P.O. Box 101110

Phone 592-222-3470 / 222-4923

Fax 592-222-7015

e-mail :


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