April 5, 2011

"It Takes a Revolution": Guild in Miami

I’ve been invited to give a reading with Guild, a group of eight emerging painters from Miami, who have issued a Group Statement. Article 4 asserts:

...Art which denies skill, originality, and ambiguity is just a one-line joke, a
transparent screed, or yet another pathetic and anachronistic attempt to shock but
who?, we wonder.
Ricardo Pau-Llosa, who will be reading at the Ladder Room Art Gallery on April 10, 2011, at 6:00 p.m., has written an essay which places Guild’s work in context:

Just when it seemed that the practice of artists forming into groups was a thing of the past, and after art itself—and especially painting and sculpture in traditional media—had long been declared irrelevant, a group of eight emerging painters from Miami have assembled and declared, in a ten-point statement that follows, their belief in creativity, originality, ambiguity, and other hallmarks of Art. And they spell it with a capital A—in defiance of contemporary trends which place all culture at the service of political, social, and gender issues. Art, of course, never left its home plate, its role as a portal where passion and ideas converge in a Protean clarity, so the significance of GUILD lies in the originality of the work of its members and in the fact that they are willing to state and embrace the timeless obvious—Art is art; all other obligations attached to it are clumsy instrumentalizations, no different from using a spoon to pry open a jar or a butter knife as a screw driver.

Sounds like the beginning of a revolution….


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