April 11, 2011

Tribal DDB Caribbean: Logo Competition

Tribal DDB Worldwide, the award-winning, digitally-centric global advertising agency, is launching their Caribbean division - Tribal DDB Caribbean within the coming weeks. 

In an effort to capture the image that best illustrates the Caribbean, and in keeping with our drive towards social creativity, we have decided to crowdsource the logo design for the brand and will be inviting participants from across the Caribbean to submit their designs. 

Anyone with a Facebook account can log onto our Facebook page, check out the app, design their version of the logo and post it.

We are committed to promoting creativity, technology, and connectivity throughout the region.
The competition will have a life-span between 2-3 weeks with the top ten entries (decided by amount of feedback on the submission) will be featured in an event at Rostant DDB Offices. During this media event, the winner will be announced and the logo for Tribal DDB Caribbean revealed. 


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