November 2, 2010


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In case you missed the interview:

My interview begins @ 8 minute mark.


The Strand - Tuesday 2nd November 2010


In today's programme: Mike Leigh's new film Another Year, Jamaican poet Geoffrey Philp, astronomical music with New York rock group One Ring Zero and we talk to the creator of the Muslim superheroes from The 99 comic.


For Jamaican poet Geoffrey Philp reggae is at the heart of his work. His poems have a beat and rhythm which is his response to what he hears and feels when he listens to the music. From Miami he talked Bob Marley, Marcus Garvey and the importance of singing the songs you want to sing no matter what anyone tells you.


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Stephen A. Bess said...

Geoffrey, this is such a blessing. I'm very happy for you, and happy for the world because they are about to have the Dub Wise experience. I was reading your book on the subway yesterday. So far, so great. I will check out the interview. :D

Imani said...

Maybe I'm biased but I was so thrilled with the entire interview. At first I couldn't help but be a little bit jaded & aloof about the typical Bob Marley association with everything Jamaican. By the 2nd "don't cry just sing" I was a goner. You so eloquently conveyed your ideas! Such a refreshing change from interviews with novelists (ie no questions about plot and where one gets one ideas etc.). Strand should def do more poets.

Anyway, "Red" was fantastico. Your book is boughten. I'm a bit sad that I've allowed you to miss me but you still exert a real influence in my reading life. It is your fault that I made an impulsive decision to see Kwame Dawes give a lecture.Now I am hooked on his books which, incidentally, broke through a lot of my reading taboos:

1. love story with African-American woman & Jamaican male (*especially* if the guy is a musician, mi usually run from deh book deh, trust mi).

2. all of 1 + strong Bob Marley reference. Now I own Dawes' book on Bob Marley. Heh.

So I'm still here :)

Geoffrey Philp said...

Give thanks, Imani.
I'm glad that you are now reading Kwame--I can't say enough about him as a man and a writer, excpet to say I am also a fan.
I am also happy that you are around and well.

Take care,