November 22, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Book Fair

One of the great things about the Miami Book Fair International is meeting new friends like January Gill O’Neil. Well, January isn’t exactly a “new” friend.

January and I have known each other’s work through Rethabile Masilo’s blog, Poefrika, but this was the first time that we’d met each other face-to-face. We greeted each other like old friends and started a conversation that grew too include Susan Rich, one of the poets, which included Kevin Pilkington and Mark Statman, with whom January was reading.

We attended each other’s readings and I was riveted when she read “How to Make Crab Cake,” a poem that is more about transformation of “experience into a narrative of becoming” than mastering the preparation of a culinary delight. I’d first read the poem on  Poefrika,  and I was pleased to hear her read. But it was even better to know that we had made our acquaintance through Poefrika.

So thank you, January, for a wonderful reading from Underlife, and  here’s to you, Rethabile, for introducing me her poetry.



Rethabile said...

I'm beaming right now, even though Paris's weather is on the gloomy side.

I still hope to meet both of you on my next trip to the US.

Thanks for the wonderful poetry.


RK said...

Weirdness abounds in how the net trawls and catches people at once connected and disconnected. But then also how strange and enlivening that Poefrika is a node for all this. I know Susan Rich - met her many years ago when she was a visitor at the University of Cape Town.

Susan Rich said...

It was such a true pleasure to meet you! Thanks for including me in your conversation. January and I rushed down to buy your book after our signing. What gorgeous poetry -- I look forward to spending Thanksgiving with it.

Susan Rich said...

Hello Rustum,
Lovely to run into you again. I am at the moment in a Cajun restaurant in the Dallas airport hoping like crazy to get back to Seattle tonight before the snow storm closes the city down.This is where I find you!

Geoffrey Philp said...

Looks like we're having a party here: January, Susan, Rethabile, Rustum...2 poem minimum!

January said...

So nice to meet you, Geoffrey. Meeting you made my trip!

Be well, my friend.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Same here, January. Same here.