April 23, 2010

"Anancy Song" by Geoffrey Philp

Best Anancy

Anancy Song

Me name Anancy, watch me dance and sing,
With my words, I make something out of nothing.
When me laugh, “Kya, kya,” is not for no reason
I will survive no matter what the season.

From before time, I see the beginning of earth,
Call me father of all mysteries, creator of mirth.
I measure the oceans, know every man’s worth,
I live at the crossroads between death and birth.

Some people say I only live for me pleasure,
But every Jack man must look in him heart for treasure.
Only when you have you own, you can pull up a chair,
Then call those who you love to your table to share.

I will spin my song to my children who are afar
Living in all kind of trouble, sickness, and war.
Mark my words; know how to touch a strand,
and make the universe tremble with your hands.

Tell all the giants in the world, Massa day done!
Anancy is here and him going have some fun.
Him nah bring no knife, him nah bring nuh gun
Only him brains—Jack Mandora me no choose none!



Randy Baker said...

Nothing like a visit from Anancy to start the day. Thanks for sharing this. Much enjoyed.


Geoffrey Philp said...

Give thanks, Randy.

More to come...

Summer Edward said...

Nice poem, I enjoyed this :)

Geoffrey Philp said...

Give thanks & Welcome, Lady of Letters

Geoffrey Philp said...

& Randy, me know you love Anancy from a long time