April 8, 2010

New Online Journal: First Reads

Recent Caribbean publisher, Strategy Forum Inc. (SFI), has launched Storytelling Forum Inclusive, a platform for new voices, as well as the not-so-new, to tell their stories. The concept comes from the notion that storytelling is one of our most important needs as we try to grapple with and define our identity.

For the past four years, contributors and readers of SFI’s weekly newsletter have worked together to identify, understand and define the Caribbean sense of life. A review of that 4-year journey led to the creation of a new platform and First Reads, an online journal to “Quench our thirst for Caribbean and Caribbean-influenced creative works.” While the Caribbean can boast great writers, the Caribbean creative voice continues to be absent from many journals internationally. First Reads is a response to fill that void as it provides a space for well-written, well-researched topical issues.

First Reads Editor, I. Rhonda King, explains, “First Reads is based on the Village Ethic. Here, people work collaboratively and bring to the platform, that which they can—creative expression, financial resources, a commitment to spread the word.” The objective is to build and grow through community participation. King continues, “The Village Ethic presents a new paradigm, a viable alternative to the current corporate model.” Villagers are free to participate in one or any combination of participant levels as contributors, benefactors, and/or readers.

The inaugural issue of First Reads was released on March 31, 2010 with the publication of The Obeah Man, a short story by Godfrey Bobby Fraser, widely acclaimed Vincentian playwright, whose radio serials were popular throughout the Eastern Caribbean in the 80s and 90s. Fraser is well known for Leroy and The Courting of Beatrice which he co-wrote with the late Chester Rogers.  The Obeah Man, written in the 60s, has never been published before for public consumption. Beginning in May, Storytelling Forum Inclusive, through First Reads will introduce as a serial for the first time on the Internet, the audio files of the 12 episodes of Leroy.

First Reads is mailed electronically the last Tuesday of each month. Read more about the philosophy and mission of Storytelling Forum Inclusive and First Reads and become a part of the community at www.strategyforuminc.org.

Strategy Forum Inc is a company created by Inga Rhonda King in 2006 and registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. An online journal and an exquisite line of illustrated books of Caribbean thought and ideas are created under this label. These creations are dedicated to re-visioning the good life, celebrating the Caribbean sense of life and making critical reflection fashionable.


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