June 26, 2009

He Would Dance: Michael Jackson

he would dance,
even when his frail body could no longer bear
the weight of all our fears

or when we questioned his allegiance
under the spotlight's unforgiving glare
he would dance,

his dervishes leading him into a trance
where we witnessed the joy of an answered prayer
a rapture that lifted us higher than we'd ever dream or dare,
he would dance.

---Geoffrey Philp---

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Jdid said...

rest in peace

Geoffrey Philp said...

Truly, Jdid. That is the best we can wish for him.

ruthibel said...

MJ was a legend. Is a legend.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Give thanks for stopping by, Ruthibelle.


nadine yvette said...

it's a really Beautiful poem!

" four walls can no longer hold him" - just like a butterfly He is free!

RIP Mr.Jackson & Thanks.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Yes, Nadine, "four walls" can no longer hold him.

Thanks for stopping by.

Rethabile said...

The poem is true. I agree with your more recent post that we should let the man rest in peace. But as a last jab at the incredulous, I'll link to this poem.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Give thanks, Rethabile...