April 1, 2009

Poem for Obama (2)

The haterz have lost their natural minds
And have suddenly discovered "class warfare,"
when all you've asked is for them to be fair

To those pummeled by the "unseen hand"--to bind
the sorrows of the afflicted and pay their share.
The haterz have lost their natural minds

For they remain indifferent and prefer to be blind
To the faces of the poor who live without health care,
Whose eyes return daily from the edge of despair.
The haterz have lost their natural minds.


Have No Fear, Brother Barack


Unknown said...


Well executed! Well said! It is these brilliant fools whom continue to suffocate my people by tying their tongues with intellectual ropes. Let this be the start of a new movement, a deliberate movement. a powerful movement, to once and for all empower Jamaicans at home and abroad to speak up and out openly about decisions that affects and impacts their lives positively or negatively.

So what if the status quo or the gatekeepers don't agree with our thinking. The marketplace of ideas is far more important than the individual shop.


Stephen A. Bess said...

I like that! That's so black: "you have lost your natural mind!" :) Pres. Obama should read this. Nice.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Stephen,that's the only way to xplain what these guys in DC are trying to do. Only an African-American idiom could describe it.

For the sad truth is that the monied class does not want to pay for health care that will benefit ALL Americans. So now they will probably start a campaign the places such as The Wall Street Journal to change public opinion and to drive Obama from the presidency.

Journalists who make over $250,000 will join in the chorus. And the wannabee bloggers who want to earn that much money (don't we all wish?)will blindly follow.