April 29, 2009

"An Ode to Waterboarding" by Geoffrey Philp

How would you feel?
If your lungs were on fire, screamed for air,
While you were bound, trapped, as if under water,

By someone who thought your pain wasn’t real,
And doused you as gagged--following his orders?
How would you feel?

Wouldn’t you sell your soul, make a deal
With the Devil because God was deaf to your prayers:
“Please, just stop. Just stop. I’ll say anything, I swear!”
How would you feel?


Edwidge Danticat:Are we nay safer with the use of torture?
New York Times Index on waterboarding
Shepard Smith Uncensored: "We Are America, We Do Not F**king Torture!" (VIDEO)


StillaPanther2 said...

Brother Philps just like most things in this entitled place; I wish the people who endorse these tactics could be on the receiving end. I remember an event 45 years ago when I went to the city pool {in those days our segregated pool was the joint} and I jumped into the deep end of the pool and my oldest brother rescued me. That feeling still haunts me to this day. I would do ANYTHING not to be in that position again..By the way, could someone tell me one example of how holding these guys seven years has made me {in Newport News, Va} safe. I am sure that after several weeks/months the information that these "so-called" combatants had would be obsolete.

Geoffrey Philp said...

Welcome StillaPanther2!
Your xperience opens up a real understanding of the torture.

Now we are finding out who the real patriots are because it comes down to a simple proposition:

America does not torture.

It's not about "effectiveness." There are many things that are effective that we just don't do because if we believe as Newt Gingrinch once said, "in the family of man," then America does not torture.


Yes Geoffrey, we definitely are finding out who the real patriots are!! By the way, I am trying to be at Calabash this year!! Nuff respect!!

Geoffrey Philp said...

Hope to see you there, Esteban!